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What On Earth?! My Farewell to Hong Kong

Updated: Apr 11

Kayaking under bright blue skies in Stanley Bay, Hong Kong

My parents have lived in Hong Kong for sixteen years, the longest time my dad has remained anywhere on Earth. For a period of our time settled in the city, he had been unhappy and eager to leave his life behind a desk. He would often bring up the idea of moving away, but every time my mom would swiftly brush the suggestion away. Hong Kong is an easy and convenient place for one to live in, or in my case to grow up in, and my mom was insistent on having me finish my grade-school education here.

One night as we sat around the dining table, however, my dad took a different approach to moving away and shared an idea with us. Instead of going to another city like Hong Kong, he suggested we pursue our love of travel and explore the world not just as a holiday, but as a lifestyle. We have always enjoyed the idea of traveling, and I am extremely fortunate to have visited many countries in the past, but my dad's idea was simply unimaginable. My mom had no idea what she would do without the luxuries of living in the urban world, while I was lost for what to think of my dad's wild idea. However, after plenty of convincing and great debate, the world I knew was swept away and my home was filled with the strong scent of cardboard and the screeching sound of duct tape.

A dazzling sunset over the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor bids us goodbye as we embark on our travels

Hong Kong has been my home for my entire life and in those eleven years, I have made countless friends that I could never forget. Having just graduated from primary school, I had never imagined I would be spending the next chapter of my life apart from my classmates.

Carrying only a suitcase each, the three of us now speed across the highways I know so well as the city of Hong Kong slowly fades in the distance and a full year of travel lies ahead. As the airport continues to draw nearer and nearer, my stomach flutters with excitement but questions bubble with uncertainty in my head. Where will we end up after this incredible adventure? Will we enjoy traveling long term, or will we dislike this exotic lifestyle and prefer to return to a conventional life? Our future is unknown and full of possibilities, but I hope it's some kind of happily ever after.

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