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Eryn rows a kayak in Stanley Bay, Hong Kong


Get to know me, my story, and how the blog came to be

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In 2016, my parents and I left Hong Kong, the only home I knew, and embarked on a trip to travel around the world. We spent 365 days visiting over 30 different countries, and I grew to truly appreciate travel and the culture, nature, and places it gave me the opportunity to see. I started Eryn On Earth to collect all of my memories along the way, and it became a personal platform for me to share my travels.

Now, six years later, we never did return to our old lives. My parents and I move back and forth between two home bases, Thailand and Japan, and we are able to continue living a nomadic lifestyle since I'm a full-time online high schooler. I'm now 18 years old, and Eryn On Earth continues to be the place I come to share both my travel and life stories and our photography. I hope you'll follow along and join me on my journey! 

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