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The Alaska Highway - A Road Trip from Alaska to Canada

A river winds through a colorful forest beneath majestic, snow-capped mountains along the Alaska Highway
The majestic landscape along the Alaska Highway

As one of the most scenic drives we have ever done, our trip along the Alaska Highway of Canada was remarkable. Though the highway is a thin and narrow road, in reality, it has a lot of history surrounding it. Initially intended as a military highway when it first opened in 1942 during World War II, only soldiers and other members of the army were permitted to use it. After the war had ended, however, it was soon opened to the public in 1948 and is now a popular scenic drive.

With the scenery changing at perhaps every turn, the Alaska Highway certainly exceeded our expectations. At one moment, we found ourselves gazing upon golden-leaved trees rustling in the cool wind. At another, we were surrounded by a lush green forest with a lake that sparkled in bright sunlight. During yet another part of the drive, we were shocked by a snowy winter wonderland that had suddenly been revealed at the turn of the road!

Blue snow-capped mountains under a pink sunset sky by Kluane Lake in Yukon, Canada.
Sunset by Kluane Lake in Yukon, Canada.

While the landscapes along the drive were certainly incredible, the animals we encountered along the way were just as astonishing. While I sat in the backseat of our car, the brakes suddenly screeched to a stop during the drive, catching me by surprise. When I looked out the window to see what had caused the abrupt halt, I admittedly almost screamed aloud in surprise. Enormous, dark brown creatures appeared in my window, and to my amazement, the strange creatures were bison. Scattered all across the side of the highway, some were even using the roadside signposts as back scratchers. We also witnessed the similar yet immensely different musk ox but this time, in the unnatural setting of a musk ox farm. They were the strangest creatures, and despite their massive size, they are closely related to the average goat.

An enormous bison walking along the side of the Alaska Highway
A musk ox in the green pastures of a musk ox farm in Tok, Alaska, USA

Though we came across some incredible sights along the Alaska Highway that all individually speak for themselves, there was one particular moment that was especially memorable. Beckoned outside by my dad, we followed him to step out into the cool, open air and were simply amazed. Dancing and fluttering across the sky like ribbons, beautiful pale green streaks dazzled our eyes. It was the famed Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon I had never thought I would see. With all of these unforgettable experiences in just one road trip, our drive across the Alaska Highway will truly be one to remember.

The vibrant green and purple Northern Lights dancing across the sky

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