• Eryn

Perito Moreno - A Growing Glacier of El Calafate, Argentina

Perito Moreno let out a low groan, warning its visitors of a calving. Everyone on the boardwalk paused, waiting for another sign. Then there was a crackle. Everyone looked out expectantly at the glowing glacier, but it remained still, the water lapping at the bottom of it. Hesitantly, the tourists continued forward, their cameras and phones well prepared.

Perito Moreno is within Los Glaciares National Park, an unbelievably large protected area. It's home to some of the world's most amazing glaciers, and unlike some of its devastated cousins on Earth, Perito Moreno is mysteriously advancing rather than retreating. Being the third largest fresh water reserve on Earth, the colossal glacier spans over 250 square kilometers with a length of 30 kilometers and a height of 74 meters! It sits atop the Lago Argentino and can create some beautiful scenery with the mountains in the distance and the shimmering turquoise water on a sunny day.

Suddenly there was another crackle. I whipped out my phone and started a video, watching hopefully at the ice. Then came a roar, louder than any lion. It groaned and crackled and a huge piece of ice cascaded into the water, sending waves across the calm lake water. The separated piece soon disappeared, completely submerged.

Perito Moreno stands bravely under the scorching sun, who threatens to melt it each day. It stands against bellowing winds, which seem very eager to blow away pieces of ice. Even though Perito Moreno is still and unmoving, it somehow glows with an aura of pure strength.

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