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Iguaçu Bird Sanctuary

Eryn takes a photo of a toucan sitting in the trees above her at the bird sanctuary near Iguaçu Falls

The first thing I saw when we entered the sanctuary was vibrance and splashes of color. The flowers and birds truly boasted their beauty against the deep jungle greenery, spreading a bright light. I was truly amazed by the nature South America had to bring.

A grey crowned crane and its interesting yellow head feathers

I was very impressed by the large beaked toucans, they definitely expressed the beauty of the jungle. Bearing dark black feathers, they might seem dull at a first glance, but their giant beaks prove that wrong, displaying colors of orange, yellow, and even green! Who knows what other colors are hiding! Birds seem to spend most of their time cleaning and tending to their feathers, but I wonder how a toucan might do so if its beak is almost the same size as its body?

A magnificent toucan opens its vibrant orange beak, creating a lovely sight against the greenery

I must say my favorite part of the sanctuary was by far the Butterfly House. Butterflies and even hummingbirds were everywhere! Sipping on sugar water and other sweet treats, they were of such exotic color. The butterflies danced gracefully, occasionally landing on a sweaty human. The hummingbirds were lightning fast, on the other hand, allowing you only to catch a quick glance at them!

Two orange butterflies flutter gracefully among dark green jungle foliage

Another animal I found intriguing was the greater rhea. Relative of the emu and ostrich, their long legs seemed to be specially made for running. Their large flightless wings were covered in thick feathers, and their beaks were as hard as stone for one almost knocked my phone right out of my hand!

Our visit to the bird sanctuary provided a wonderful insight into the incredible flora and fauna South America offers. I hope I will be fortunate enough to get the chance to see them all in the wild!


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